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What’s For Dinner ~ It’s More Than You Think

These words seem quite simple, Yes?  Really they are not.  The act of cooking and enjoying a meal is vital to ourselves and our relationships.  It so much about the sharing of yourself.  While chopping vegetables, cleaning the shrimp and setting the table…..  there is magic in those moments.  The act of stirring a pot of sauce…. conjures up ghosts of years past.  Images of long ago wind slowly through our conscious.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sue…. they are all there…..  A beloved family pet snuggled in the corner…no doubt anxiously awaiting a toss of some scraps.  Smells waft along the stove, down the table top and much to others delight…fullfill our desire to engage our appetites.   A smile registers on your face.   Ahh, another  “remember when” sneaks in as well.  Words unwillingly  spill out….. perhaps a tear as well…….yet we really do not know how or why this is happening.  We just see how each small act  and movement has such power that it is remembered through those  many generations.  Yet, this moment, decades of small moments, was all swept past in a blink of the eye. 

 These moments pass through our emotional self constantly. Being part of a “Family” is amazing  heady stuff.  This simple act each day is so much more than just a meal.  These moments were meant to be savored, memories in the making……..shared and kept immortal by all of us.  Therefore and most of all, enjoy every second you spend in that kitchen ……making those future memories.

In order for me to continue on my memory quest; one of my joys is searching for the recipe.  A foundation to build upon.

We know that Searching for ” What’s For Dinner ” in your recipe holder, cookbook collection or a magazine is very tricky at best.  Boy, is it easy to become sidetracked!  All those delicious recipes staring at you.  Worse yet, PICTURES.  Lovely, vivid color, luscious pictures of fabulous food you just want to inhale.  No wonder we have no idea what to cook.  It just all becomes too, too much.  Then on overload, when the ADHD kicks in, I am a goner.  Good excuse? Well maybe?  What do you think?  Anyway, I have a few sites and a few blogs (not to mention my cookbook collection) that are my go to places when trying to decide what can I prepare or  take to dinner on Sunday. 

One of my go to sites is  Huge variety.  Tasty as well.  Yumm!! Hence the recipe link for you to click on.

This recipe is such a nice change from the ordinary usual shrimp recipes.  Try it out.  You may like it.  Of course, tweaking a recipe to suit your personal tastes is inevitable.  No worries!  Do what you want.  After all there are no food police here.

 Meanwhile, I will continue on my quest for great food and great food sites.  I know we can all use a little help and I am more than pleased to share. 

Whether it will be a web site, blog or cookbook, be certain it will be shared with all of you.  Let me know how I am doing from time to time.    Thanks, Barbara  

Grilled Shrimp with Melon and Pineapple Salsa


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Back To School

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.  ~Sydney J. Harris

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.  ~Mark Twain

Two of my favorite quotes from those much wiser than I.   Everyone is talking about getting the kids ready for Back To School!  August always seems so early. Yet, the next 3 weeks will fly by in the usual whirlwind of activity.

I still love the upcoming Fall season.  Even though it does not really start for some time .  Am I the only one who is flooded with memories of schooldays past?   Those memories are usually happy ones, thank God!   I loved school, my teachers and classmates.  Good Times!

Oh, Crap!  I must be getting old.  I actually thought school was cool. 

This is an original work from the author unless otherwise noted.