Mature Women Seeking Employment

Yesterday was spent with 2 friends speaking of the rigors of Job Hunting.  Surely, most of you as well have fears of this stressful endeavor.  Unfortunately with maturity, this experience is not as much fun.  Thankfully, I must maintain a sense of humor at all times.  Sometimes to my detriment. 

Remember the Rooster in the Looney Tunes Cartoons*?  His brainy myopic nephew and other characters would on occasion have need to blow up Rooster.  When this happened, he would proclaim in his best southern drawl:  “Fortunately I keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency!”  Yet, I digress.  Sorry. 

So, today I had an interview for an administrative position.  Beautiful office, great employer, fantastic working environment.  Great Interview!  YES!  As I walked out feeling particularly good,  I passed the next applicant.  Needless to say, the mood left quicker than chocolate at a birthday party.  Ms tall, thin and younger was leaning over the counter schmoozing the front desk person.  A pose worthy of  Playboy’s best, I might add.  Artfully displaying her Firm Assets!  Oh, CRAP!! 

Yeah……, Well……..,  I’m smarter and more skilled than “Ms soon to be a Centerfold.”  Yeah, Yeah, that’s right.  Sure, I could lose some pounds and yet I cannot change my age or even my vertical limitations.  Life can be challenging.  (Actually sucks at Times)

*Looney Tunes-Warner Bros.

This is an original work from the author unless otherwise noted.


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